6 most important information about your loan to watch

Or the amount of credit is the amount you borrowed. It does not include interest or fees.

1. Principal

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The amount of the principal of my loan is?


2. Interest rate

2. Interest rate

It says how much extra money you pay for lending the principal. It is most often expressed as a percentage in one year, abbreviation is pa

The interest rate of my loan is?

3. APR

R eye rocentní P S N azba issuing costs. In addition to interest, it also includes any mandatory fees. With the APRC you can best compare the profitability of loans, but you must always compare loans of the same length and size.

APR of my loan is?


4. Monthly payment

4. Monthly payment

Is the amount that you pay monthly. It consists of interest, repayment of the principal (so-called “custody”) and possible service charges

The amount of my monthly payment is?

5. Due date

5. Due date

It is the day when the payment should be credited to our account. The fastest way is through Sazka terminals. If you’re submitting a standing order from your account, please set a date at least three days earlier.

The maturity date of my loan for the second and subsequent installments is?

6. Reminder

There is a letter you will receive if you do not pay your monthly payment on time. The very first reminder is free of charge, but others are already charged.

The second reminder is worth?